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Wedding Video Highlights


In your full length wedding DVD there will not be music all the way through.
On your wedding film you will be able to see and hear your wedding ceremony and speeches.

Mr & Mrs Mitchell 

17th August 2014

Mr & Mrs Smith

1st august 2014

Mr & Mrs Truelove Wedding Hightlights


12th July 2014




Mr & Mrs Cantwell Wedding Highlights



Mr & Mrs Richardson Wedding Highlights


26th July 2014

Mr & Mrs Golding


5th Septembre 2014

Mr & Mrs Bryans


13th Septemerb 2104

Mr & Mrs Hatchard


4th October 2014

Mr & Mrs Brown


26th October 2014

Mr & Mrs Ashford


14th November 2014

Mr & Mrs Gleed


27th December 2014

Mr & Mrs Parker


14th February 2015

Mr & Mrs Ronan


28th February 2015

Mr & Mrs Morris


14th March 2015

Mr & Mrs Woollett


29th April 2015

Mr & Mrs Maddocks


25th April 2015

Mr & Mrs Laker


10th April 2015

Mr & Mrs Tupper


2nd April 2015

Mr & Mrs Hopkins


9th May 2015

Mr & Mrs Huckstepp


22nd May 2015



Mr & Mrs Hortas


5th June 2015

Mr & Mrs Pearson


13th june 2015

Mr & Mrs Wright


21st June 2015

Mr & Mrs Lowin - Butler


24th May 2015




Mr & Mrs Grokes


4th July 2015

Facebook Photos

While edititng your Wedding DVD, we will pull photos from the footage and load to our facebook page free for you to use so dont forget to like our page.

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