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Drone - Aerial Footage 

A drone video adds a whole new perspective and vantage point to your day.

Film Clapboard
Film Clapboard

 As well as filming with ground based cameras we are also licensed by the CAA and insured to operate aerial drones.

Drone shots are ideal if you have a stunning venue, like a manor house, barn venue or beach wedding.

One of our most important rules is to remain as discreet as possible. This is why we would never fly a drone during an outside ceremony (not that a registrar would allow it anyway!) and we don’t want to ever detract from your special day at any point, so we would always keep a discreet distance, whilst being able to get some fantastic footage.

In the Woods

Is it extra for drone footage? No,

Drones of all types cannot operate in heavy wind or any kind of rain. 

Not all venues allow drones on their property, regardless of permission from the CAA.

So we try to include drone footage from every wedding but this is not always possible, because of this uncertainty we do not charge anything extra for drone footage. 

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